The Internet in media education aspect

Katerina Yakushina
The Institute of basic secondary education of Russian Education Academy, The researcher of Laboratory Technical Educational Tools and Media Education Methods.

The aims of media education is directed on the communications and mass-media knowledge, application of communication tools for creative self-expression. One of this aims is orientation on usage new informational technologies such as Internet that provides multimedia informational opportunity. In the research "Development of methodical ways of the work for orientation children in "Internet" in media education aspect" we would like to concentrate your attention on following aims of media education:
integrated with basic education for the training schoolchildren to realize the modern informational space;
development of critical intellect, development intellectual and skills of creation, processing and translation of information, with use different tools (computer, modem, fax, search engine, and etc.) There is special point of integration in the Internet activity. On the one hand Internet appears in the role of information source. It's very important to find the means of figuring of the cross points of school subjects and information received from Internet. On the other hand Internet is a tool for receiving, using and information producing.

So usage Internet as mass-media for media education aims performs the following functions: giving information for general development, entertainment and education, guaranteeing of natural communication, development ability children to perceive screen information, transformation of a visual image into verbal system, critically comprehended information to broke authority impacts of Mass-Media in young generation mind. The second function is to become proficient in media education skills of application new tools for technologies of search and producing information.

As for our research educational methods and ways of the work in the Internet appears in the role of supplementary education, sociocultural school of media education. But information from Internet may be integrated with basic education.

The forms of educational process organizations are really individual. The lessons are in small groups, all every pupil has the personal computers. Children communication allows them to help each other. The methods of teaching depended on the aims and content of education is directed to train teenagers to be able to search information purposefully and to use new network technologies and tools for solving media educational tasks. When we teach teenagers to work with new information technologies in Internet we use verbal methods - discussion, explanation, self-dependent study, and visual demonstrations methods - computers, tables, posters. We work on study network resources and how to use special software; search engine and catalogue. We work also with educational Web-quest. The methodology we are developing plays the key role in research (2, 3). It's necessary to use different new forms and methods of organization pupils education activity: methods of projects, work in the groups, work with partners, individual training and etc.

Following to the Project of Media Education Standard (1, .29) we read "graduated schoolchildren have to be able to search information purposefully, correctly interpretate it and have also a clear view about tools for creation, processing and translation of information and skills of using this tools". So we can see that Internet as a tool for receiving and processing of information provides a source aspect and a processional aspect. This is one of the media education tasks .

We can propose some media education requirements, skills, which prove young people are ready to work with information in Internet and live in high technology society:

    skills of use the special software (Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and etc.) skills of use search engine and catalogue skills of saving information skills of use information in the everyday life skills of use purposefully search of information skills of critical intellect skills of creation, processing and translation of information skills of individual informational defense

One of the aims of media education is development of methodical ways of the work for teaching children skills of individual informational defense. To study of skills of media education and skills of use the new tools provides to the person more high level of informational and intellectual possibilities.

Theoretical and applied aspects of this problem are presented in dissertation and publications. Practical work proceeds at the computers clubs and several schools of Russia.


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